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Why Are My Dog’s Back Legs Shaking?

Why Are My Dog’s Back Legs Shaking? If your dog’s back legs are shaking, it could be due to weakness or old age. Your pup may not be exercising as much, or they may not want to jump up in the car anymore. There are many potential reasons why your pup could be having these…

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Dog with pink eye

Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red?

Why Are My Dog’s Eyes Red? If you have ever had eye issues, you know how uncomfortable it is, and your dog is no different. If you observe that your pup’s eyes are red, they could be experiencing severe itchiness or pain. Your dog’s eyes could be red for many reasons, which could be anything…

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Angry dog growling in Chicago

Dog Growling: What Does it Mean?

Dog Growling: What Does it Mean in Chicago, IL? Many individuals think that when a dog growls, they are aggressive. However, there are many reasons why your dog may be growling. Learn how to be mindful of what your pup is trying to tell you. Your dog could be growling because they are frustrated or…

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pug puppy dog with hemp leaves diadem pointing at blackboard with text CBD and dropper bottle with oi

Can I Give My Dog CBD?

Can I give my Dog CBD in Chicago, IL?   The short answer about giving your dog Cannabidiol (CBD oil) is yes; you can give it to your dog. However, before you begin giving your dog this supplement, you need to know some essential information. There are several commonly asked questions about Cannabidiol (CBD), such…

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Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed in Chicago, IL For those of us with allergies, we need dogs that shed minimally or don’t shed at all. Sadly, there are only a few breeds that shed infrequently. Hypoallergenic dogs are also expensive and hard to find because everyone wants one! What does ‘Hypoallergenic’ mean? Hypoallergenic refers to…

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Cat purring and sleeping in Chicago

Why do Cats Purr

Why do Cats Purr in Chicago, IL? Cats are sweet pets that make noises and actions to communicate. Since they don’t have the ability to use words like humans, it can make understanding them difficult. This is especially true because the same sound or movement can mean various things depending on the circumstances. While this…

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Dog Crying in Chicago

Why is My Dog Crying in Chicago, IL?

Why is My Dog Crying in Chicago, IL?   There are a variety of reasons why dogs will sometimes whimper, whine, or cry in Chicago. Although this behavior can sometimes indicate that something is wrong with your pet, this is actually not always the case. Although it is true that many dogs will whine when…

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Dog Allergies Chicago

Dog Allergy Symptoms: What To Look For in Chicago, IL

Dog Allergy Symptoms: What To Look For in Chicago, IL Do you think your dog might have allergies in Chicago? Allergies are surprisingly common in dogs, and it’s not impossible for your pet to be suffering from allergies as well. However, when trying to determine whether or not you may have a dog who suffers…

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Pet Vaccination Chicago

The Importance of Getting Your Pets Vaccinated in Chicago, IL

The Importance of Getting Your Pets Vaccinated in Chicago, IL   Do you have pets of any type? If so, you probably already know just how important it is to have them vaccinated. However, some pet owners in Chicago may not totally recognize just how necessary vaccinations are for pets. If this sounds like you,…

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Dog anxiety Wrigleyville

Dog Anxiety Symptoms Wrigleyville Chicago

Dog Anxiety Symptoms Chicago, IL As a dog owner in Chicago, it’s important for you to be as in-tune as possible with your dog’s needs and feelings. The more easily you can recognize your dog’s feelings, the easier it will be for you to care for her. One of the ways you can do this…

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