The Importance of Getting Your Pets Vaccinated in Chicago, IL


Do you have pets of any type? If so, you probably already know just how important it is to have them vaccinated. However, some pet owners in Chicago may not totally recognize just how necessary vaccinations are for pets. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place!

In the article below, you’ll find out more information about why vaccinations are so important for your pets. Read through this article to brush up on everything you need to know about vaccinations for your furry friend.

Vaccinations help your pet live a longer, healthier life.

It may go without saying, but having your pet vaccinated can help her live a full, happy, healthy life. Your pet may live longer when she is vaccinated against some of the most common pet illnesses, as she will be less likely to suffer from those that are potentially fatal.

Additionally, your pet’s immune system will be stronger when she is vaccinated against a variety of diseases. She will be sick less frequently than an unvaccinated pet might be, and she will have a healthier life overall because of this, too.

Vaccinations prevent your pet from spreading illness to other animals.

A vaccinated pet cannot spread most of the common pet illnesses to other animals. When you keep up with regular vaccinations for your pet, you’re doing your part to protect the other pets and stray animals alike in your region from catching potentially deadly illnesses.

In some locations, canine influenza can get out of hand very quickly. This is one example of a disease that can be easily mitigated by having pets vaccinated against it. Vaccinated pets cause the disease to die out, which prevents it from spreading further among strays.

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Vaccinations can protect your human family, too.

There are some diseases your pet can potentially catch that may be able to be spread to your human family members as well. Rabies is one of the most notable; if your pet contracts rabies because she isn’t vaccinated against it, your whole family will need to undergo a series of painful shots and difficult treatment to have a chance at withstanding the disease.

Additionally, pets may spread some other types of disease to your human family. Giardia and leptospirosis are examples of two infectious diseases humans can easily catch from dogs and sometimes from cats as well.


Vaccinations are required by law in some situations.

In the United States as well as in many other places around the world, the rabies vaccination is required by law. If you have a dog or a cat, you absolutely must legally have her vaccinated against rabies as early as your vet thinks it is safe to do so, and you must keep up with this vaccination annually too.

Some other vaccinations may be required by law depending on where you live. One such vaccine is canine influenza, which can be a serious problem in some parts of the world.


Vaccinations are required by boarding facilities and other places.

If you are planning to board your pet at a kennel or bring her along with you to a hotel for a trip together, you’ll need to make sure she is up to date on her vaccinations. Most of these locations–and especially those that are reputable–are not going to allow you to bring your pet without current shot records.

Find out ahead of time which vaccinations your pet’s destination requires. Some may only require rabies shots, while others may be more specific than this.

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As you can see, there are a lot of important, compelling reasons to have your pet vaccinated regularly. If you have a dog or a cat, there may be many more vaccinations that your pet needs; on the other hand, if you have an exotic pet or a small animal, there may only be a few.

Either way, it is necessary for the health and safety of your pet and other animals around her to talk to your vet about vaccinations early and often. Your vet can give you the most accurate recommendations for vaccines your pet may require based on her age, underlying health risks, activity, and much more. Call us today at (773) 698-7525 to schedule an vaccination appointment today.



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