Why do Cats Purr in Chicago, IL?

Cats are sweet pets that make noises and actions to communicate. Since they don’t have the ability to use words like humans, it can make understanding them difficult. This is especially true because the same sound or movement can mean various things depending on the circumstances. While this is true, purring is the most common form of communication that a cat partakes in. Purring is often done in a positive light.

cat purring on couch in Chicago

What does Cat Purring Mean?

Listed below are three reasons that cats purr frequently. Once you understand the potential reasons that your cat is purring, you can respond reasonably.

Purring is a sound that cats make in the back of their throat. This sound occurs when a cat begins to vibrate softly. Although it is really a vibration, the vibration is loud enough to hear and feel. If you suspect that your cat is making a sound, you can place your hand or a finger near their neck. You should be able to feel and hear the purring the closer you are. Sometimes, it is easier to feel it than to hear it.

1.      Happiness

Cats love affection; when they want to show that they are happy, they will purr! But how do you know when your cat is feeling happy? It is important to look for body signals that showcase how your cat is feeling.

For example, if your cat is on top of your chest, pawing or kneading you while purring, this often means they are happy. If your cat is playing while they are purring, it is likely that they are happy and active.

However, if they have a completely different stance, it could be that they are upset. Purring usually means, though, that your cat is feeling positive.

Happy Cat with Owner in Chicago


Purring is also a form of communication. Not only do cats start purring when they are happy, but when they want to show affection and love. According to some sources, cats show their trust and love by purring and vibrating.

This communication is done up close. If your cat wants to tell you something through the use of their purrs, they are likely to walk closer to you. Sometimes, cats rub against their owners and loved ones while purring to mark their territory and signal that they want to be touched.


Cats will also purr when they are sleepy or asleep. It is common to hear and feel cats asleep and still purring. Usually, cats will purr themselves to sleep because the sound and movement are soothing.

You may also notice that your cat likes to knead or press their paws gently into your body. They do this because of their instincts. Mother cats let kittens knead at their stomach to produce milk flow. It feels good and light. Since kittens fall asleep nursing, the feeling and movement are memorized.

When do cats purr?

Cats purr whenever they want to! Owners cannot force their cats to purr or make loud sounds. Instead, they can encourage the sound by providing affection.

Cats will purr when you provide them with affection. The affection, however, has the be physical. This includes petting your cat’s head and rubbing your face against theirs.

You may also hear your cat purr at night when it is time for them to take naps. They can purr at their loved ones or their cat beds.

What to do when your cat is purring

So, what do you do when your cat is purring? Since this is a positive sound and movement, there is nothing you can do! Experts recommend giving the affection back. You can also use this moment to train your cat to react and respond to affection. Cats are happier and likelier to listen when they are purring.

You can give your cat a treat during this encounter to encourage their social skills or introduce a new person. Cats are timid compared to other pet animals like dogs. While this is the case, you can still socialize with your feline friends; it just takes creativity and patience. When your cat is in a happy and purring mood, you can give the new person a treat to gain your cat’s trust. Since they are already in a happy and calm mood, it is likely they will react positively by taking the treat and sniffing cautiously.

When training and socializing your cat, you should give them space to run and hide if they want to. This will decrease your cat’s stress and anxiety. Cats are great self soothers.

Cats purring and happy together


In conclusion, everyone loves it when cats purr loudly. The feeling of a cat purring is sweet and therapeutic. When cats purr, they are trying to communicate with their loved ones and owners. Most of the time, these cats are happy and sleepy, which is why they purr in response.

Purring is normal, and there is nothing you need to do about the sounds. Instead, you can embrace when your cat purrs as a positive thing. Some pet owners train their cats when their cats are happy and purring as it makes the session quicker.

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