Why Dog Grooming is Essential in Chicago, IL?

As a dog owner in Chicago, you may already be grooming your furry friend. But if you’re not, you might find yourself wondering whether or not it’s necessary. If your dog stays indoors most of the time and doesn’t get too muddy or dirty, do you really need to worry about grooming him?

In this article, we’ll show you some of the most important reasons why grooming your dog is an essential part of taking care of him in Chicago. Read through this list to figure out whether you need to improve your dog grooming routine or take your pet to our groomer more often.

Better Smell

Perhaps one of the most obvious reasons to groom your dog often is simply because he doesn’t smell good. Dogs generally don’t smell great when they haven’t been bathed, especially if they spend time outdoors and risk getting into messes often. You can help your dog smell better and ensure that he remains pleasant to be around when you give him a bath often enough.

Helping your dog’s smell improve can also make it easier for you and the other members of your family to spend time with your dog. This, in turn, means your dog will be exercised and played with more often and will get all the cuddles he wants, too!

Better Coat and Skin Health

Grooming helps your dog’s coat health remain good. Your dog’s coat will look shiny and clean when you groom him regularly, and he will not suffer from a drab, thin, or patchy coat as often when you groom him as well.

Also, your dog’s skin health will improve with frequent grooming. When you bathe your dog, you should also be washing his skin; this can help cut down on skin infections and hot spots, as long as you are careful to dry your dog thoroughly after the grooming session has finished.

Better Health Maintenance

Your dog’s skin is probably hidden underneath his fur or hair, unless he is hairless, and it can sometimes be challenging to notice problems with the skin of a dog because of this. When you regularly groom your dog, however, you’ll be able to keep up with his health maintenance and notice any problems on his skin before they get too severe.

The same is true of taking your dog to a professional groomer. Your dog’s groomer will notice if there’s anything strange or out of place on your dog’s skin, and the groomer can alert you to these problems before they worsen.

Better Ear and Dental Health

Since grooming includes a thorough check and cleaning of the ears, your dog’s ear health will improve when you keep up with his grooming routine. Additionally, you will reduce the risk of ear infections in your dog by keeping the fur in and around his ears trimmed neatly and washed clean.

You should brush your dog’s teeth during a grooming session to help improve his dental health, too. The more frequently you brush your dog’s teeth, the less likely he will be to need a professional dental cleaning from the vet in the future. Help your dog’s dental hygiene with regular grooming.

Cute Golden Retriever dog is taking a shower in a grooming studio

Better Bath Time Behavior

The more often you groom your dog in Wrigleyville, the more likely he will be to get used to bath time. This means he will be better behaved when it’s time to have a bath, even if he doesn’t exactly love the experience. You can help your dog work through his fear of the bath by keeping up with regular grooming.

Your dog will also learn how to behave more properly when having his nails trimmed or getting his fur cut. Frequent grooming sessions—both at home and with a professional groomer—can make it easier for your dog to relax while he is being groomed.

Better Overall Wellness

Your dog’s overall wellness in Wrigleyville will improve with frequent grooming. Your dog will be kept cooler during the warm months and will be cleaner and more well-maintained throughout the year. He will feel better and be much more comfortable when you keep up with his regular grooming needs.

Even dogs who dislike going to the groomer or having a bath tend to feel better and show it through their behavior after a grooming session!

Make a Grooming Appointment in Chicago Today

With the help of this information, you should have a better idea of just how essential grooming is for your Chicago dog. If you’re not already grooming your pet frequently, you should learn more about his specific coat type so you can make sure to give him the proper grooming required.

If you don’t feel as though you can keep up with your dog’s regular grooming needs, consider working with a professional dog groomer at Wrigleyville Veterinary Center. This way, you can ensure he’s being washed and cared for as needed even if you are unable to do this yourself. Please contact us at (773) 698-7525 to make a grooming appointment for your dog today in Wrigleyville.

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