Cat and Dog Boarding in Wrigleyville, Chicago, IL

For friendly, reliable cat and dog boarding services that give you peace of mind while you’re out of town, check out Wrigleyville Veterinary Center! Our goal is to make your pet feel like they’re right at home by providing one-on-one care, cozy accommodations, and any additional attention they need for an enjoyable stay. We offer a veterinarian-supervised boarding experience that's tailored to meet all of your pet's needs.

Cat and Dog Boarding Information and Pricing

Click on each package below to learn the difference between each boarding option for your dog.


Basic boarding with potty breaks, meals and complimentary bath after 3 consecutive nights. Premium treats and medications administered for additional cost. Veterinarian on site daily.


10+ nights - $40/night

20+ nights - $35/night


Includes everything in the Bronze package with the addition of 15-minute individualized attention sessions twice daily (“cuddle time”) from our boarding attendants. Great for senior pets and those with health concerns that keep them from participating in daycare.


10+ nights - $45/night

20+ nights - $40/night


Includes everything in both the Bronze and Silver packages with the addition of premium treats and group play in our state-of-the-art daycare facility.


10+ nights - $55/night

20+ nights - $50/night

Items of Note:

  • A $5 discount per night is applied for each additional pet under the same reservation date.
  • Family suites are available upon request; family suites allow multiple pets from the same family to board in a shared suite (approval needed).
  • Grooming services are available upon request.
  • Proof of current vaccinations or adequate vaccine titer is required for inclusion in group play.
  • $5/night for administration of your pet's medications
  • House diet (Purina EN) is available for pets during their stay at $5/night.

Schedule Your Cat and Dog’s Boarding Reservation Today

Contact us via email for a reservation at info@wrigleyvillevet.com

What to Expect for Your Pet’s Stay in Wrigleyville

To ensure the highest level of comfort and security for your companion, their boarding package includes:


Meals and treats are provided. House diet and premium treats are offered for an additional fee.


Veterinary supervision for all pets.


Regular potty breaks.


Group play in our state-of-the-art daycare facility.


Individualized and specialized boarding care.


A complimentary bath (after 3 consecutive days/nights).

Specialized Cat and Dog Boarding Services

  • Family suites for multiple dogs of the same family to board together in comfort
  • Medical boarding
  • Feline boarding in our kitty condos
  • Boarding with dog daycare services

Items to Bring from Home

If your pet has prescription food and medications that they need for their health, be sure to bring them in the appropriate containers. Food should be brought in Ziploc baggies or a sealed Tupperware container with your pet’s full name written on them. Medications need to be in their original containers with accurate prescription labels. We also encourage you to provide any other instructions you think might be necessary to make your pet's stay more comfortable.

Blankets, a couple of small toys, and treats that are quickly consumed are also welcome from home. Please make sure that large personal items like blankets and bedding are labeled with a permanent marker.

Boarding Requirements for Dogs and Cats

Keeping our guests healthy and safe while they board is our highest priority. To prevent the spread of disease and parasites,
these are our requirements:


  • Rabies
  • Distemper (DHP/DA2PP/DA2PPL)
  • Bordetella (given within last 6 months)
  • Canine influenza (H3N2 and H3N8)
  • Negative fecal test within the last 6 months
  • Current on flea and tick preventative


  • Rabies
  • Distemper (FVRCP/FVRCCP)
  • Negative fecal test within the last 6 months
  • Current on flea and tick preventative

If you need to verify that your pet is up-to-date with these vaccines and treatments or have any questions or concerns for our team, call us at (773) 698-7525 today!