Making Pet House Calls: Mobile Vet Services in Wrigleyville, Chicago

Not being able to travel to our hospital shouldn’t keep your pet from receiving yearly checkups and other essential services from our team. Therefore, we offer house calls to bridge the gap between us and the clients and/or pets that can’t make the drive to our facility. We understand that circumstances vary among our clients, and that all should have access to our services regardless of those circumstances.

When to Request a Veterinary House Call

The following scenarios are just a few examples demonstrating the necessity for house call services:


Your pet is elderly and/or chronically ill and can’t be moved


Your pet has severe anxiety about going to the vet


You are physically unable to drive or do not have any source of transportation available


You have multiple pets that are difficult to transport together

How to Schedule Your Mobile Vet Visit in Chicago

If you need to schedule a house call appointment, try to do so as far enough in advance as possible so we can properly accommodate you. Not sure if your home is within range of our house call services?
Just contact us
 and we’ll do our best to help.