Pet Surgery Services in Wrigleyville, Chicago

To best accommodate our patients’ diverse health needs, our veterinarians at Wrigleyville Veterinary Center can perform a wide variety of general and complex surgeries. With pet surgery, we can treat many health problems more directly and perform exploratory procedures for better diagnosing. Our hospital is outfitted with reliable, high-end monitoring and anesthesia equipment operated by skilled doctors and technicians.

Pet Surgeries We Provide

We can provide an array of pet surgery services, including:

  • Spays and neuters
  • Exploratory surgery
  • Foreign body removal
  • Tooth extractions
  • Wound repair
  • Mass removal
  • Eye and ear surgery

Does your pet have need of our services? Use our Contact Us page to request a pre-surgical consultation with your veterinarian.

Laser Surgery for Dogs and Cats Improves Healing

Our highest priority for every pet surgery is to make the procedure as pain-free and stress-free as possible. One way we do this is by offering laser surgery. Laser surgery allows us to perform surgical procedures with greater precision, resulting in:

Less Pain

Less Bleeding

Less Swelling

Faster Healing

The surgical laser seals blood vessels, nerve endings, and lymphatics and does not crush or bruise the tissue. Incisions are cleaner and heal much faster, allowing your pet to recover smoothly and return to their normal activities sooner.

We Also Offer Orthopedics

In addition to our on-site veterinarians, we also work with two mobile surgeons, one of whom is board-certified, to perform orthopedic surgeries. These include repairing bone fractures and damaged ligaments, and correcting joint issues.

Providing Additional Pain Relief
with Laser Therapy for Dogs and Cats

Pain can slow the healing process (and your pet’s recovery). That’s why we use a variety of pain relieving options, such as IV and oral medications, to increase their comfort after surgery. Post-surgical laser therapy is another option, using light energy to increase cell activity and repair damaged tissue more quickly. It also decreases swelling and improves blood circulation. Laser therapy is a good option for pets that may not respond well to oral medication.

Steps to Ensure Safety

Wrigleyville Veterinary Center’s surgical suite uses the most reliable tools for monitoring your pet’s vitals and dispensing the proper dose of anesthesia. We also perform a pre-surgical checkup to evaluate your pet’s health, inside and out. During surgery, an experienced technician remains at your pet’s side to make sure their vital signs are normal.